Friday, October 13, 2017

Same Suit, New Avenger: Riri Williams

Marvel has spent a lot of time and money making all of the Iron Man suits look extra shiny and extra badass. Once Tony Stark hangs up the proverbial Repulsor Gauntlets, they will be invested in someone putting them back on.

Rhoadie would be a good way to go. It would be a tremendous comeback story after his accident in Civil War. But Rhoadie (and Don Cheadle) is getting up there in age. I think they're going to want as many young actors to play young characters when the New Avengers march into town. And there's one young character who can don the iron suit with power and punch: Riri Williams.

Riri is a super genius who invented her own armor suit from spare parts at MIT. She eventually gained the attention of Tony Stark who encouraged her to go into super heroing. She took over Stark's mantle when he fell into a coma, taking on the name Ironheart.

Tony Stark is clearly in the business of facilitating future young super heroes. After his exploits in Spider-Man: Homecoming, why wouldn't he look for the next young armored avenger. I could see Riri having her origin story in Spider-Man: Homecoming before co-leading Iron Man 4.

If Loki is going to be the team leader, we're going to need someone to combat his sharp wit and sarcasm. I think a couple of genius's on the team will do that quite well.

Frankly, it will just be nice to get Riri into the hands of a director who can develop her character and personality better than has been done in the comics. She is more than Tony Stark's protege. She's what Tony Stark always should have been, and she will be a better MCU Iron Man then Tony Stark could have ever hoped to be.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Who will be in the New Avengers? Spider-Man...duh...

Mr. Thomas Holland plays nerdy, awkward but also really cool and attractive (because movies) Peter Parker. He won the role, in part, because he's a young man. Sony and Marvel wanted a Spider-Man that could be Spider-Man for a long time. So of course he's going to be a major part of the Avengers moving forward.

Historically, Spider-Man has been a long standing member of the Avengers. He's also the most excited member to be a member (except for that one time they let Deadpool join for a minute) and the MCU is playing that thread very authentically.

So what does he bring to the team? I mean...He's freaking Spider-Man. And if all my predictions hold up (they totes will) he's going to be one of the most veteran members. Sure is going to be strange being the long time team player next to egos like Captain Marvel, Bucky Cap, and Loki. Does this rub Peter the wrong way? Will we see him lash out? Maybe give the symbiote a second look? Maybe he gets super fed up with his team mates and flies off in a jet that ends up in Asgard? Wait where have I heard that before...

Monday, September 18, 2017

Oh Captain My Captain Marvel: A New Avenger

Talk about a star studded line up! We can expect to see Captain Marvel's solo film before much of the New Avengers comes to fruition and you better believe she is going to be a highlight of this team!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Winter Soldier sees Stars (And Stripes) with the New Avengers

When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who oppose his shield must look confused and say, "Hey! You're not Steve Rogers!"

Friday, September 8, 2017

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones - New Avengers from Another World

You read that title right! The greatest TV to film crossover since Phil Coulson wasn't actually dead will be coming to the New Avengers. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones will bring their high jumping, super strength having, no nonsense attitudes to the big screen.